Well, hello there. Pleasure to meet you.

Farrow Co. was born in late 2012 in Sacramento, California. Inspired by the classics, founder Austin Boyd set out to create products that captured the grit of the American west, while maintaining the style reminiscent of the 1960's. Dedicated to American manufacturing, quality pieces, and goods designed to outlive you.


Austin Boyd - Founder

What began as interest, turned into a hobby, then morphed into an obsession, and eventually grew into what is today Farrow Company. Founder Austin Boyd has spent the last 6 years developing what Farrow is today, drawing inspiration from a multitude of places.

Marin Boyd - Co-founder

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Bones the Dog

What good is a shop without a loyal shop dog? Bones can usually be found chasing squirrels, napping, and barking orders at us to make sure things get done on time. But mostly napping.